Monday, September 6, 2010

"Successful CWG" - Interesting Oxymorons!

I have been recently drawn towards observing how frequently we use 'Oxymorons' in our daily interaction, often without realising, ever since CWG officials and those related with it are claiming of conducting a 'successful CWG'! (this incidentally is my pick of the oxymorons). While most of these oxymorons comes naturally ('married life'!) and without us realising that there is some paradox in what we are saying, some of these oxymorons such as 'seriously funny' or 'pretty disgusting' are our own creation to impress others with our knowledge in subject (shall we say 'Hinglish effect') or just a hep thing. There are number of sites giving 'slightly exhaustive' list of oxymorons and i find it interesting to observe its usage in our daily life.
Here's the list of oxymorons I have observed
Successful CWG (undoubtedly topping the list and responsible for my interest in this subject)
An understanding boss
American English
Amicable divorce
Married life
Assistant supervisor
Anticipated serendipity
All alone
Astronomically small
Completely destroyed
Cautiously optimistic
Conspicuously absent
Cardinal sin
Daily special (always notice this board in 'Turtle cafe' (khan market) & 'not just paranthas' (GKII)
Eloquent silence
Equally diverse
Entertaining sermon
Fiber glass
Flat breasted
Fresh cheese/yoghurt
Fuzzy logic
Genuine imitation
Going nowhere
Global village (ha..impressed!)
Grotesque beauty
Junk food
Just war
Loners’ club
Legitimate politics
Morbid humor
Mercy killing
Minor crises
Nonstick glue
Never again
Orderly confusion
Objective opinion
Only choice
Paid volunteer
Parallel connection
Peer pressure
Permanent substitute
Peoples’ republic of China (i like it )
Prison life
Pure speculation
Peace force
Quiet revolution
Retired worker
Routine emergency
Rules of war
Randomly organized
Real fantasy
Strangely familiar
Slight exaggeration
Second best
Screaming silence
Speed limit
Sensitive guy
Safe bet
Stunted growth
True lies
Thinking loud
Unsolved mystery
Vegetarian meatball
Virtual reality
Voodoo science
Well preserved ruins
Wrong usage/Indian Hinglish effect
Hopelessly optimistic
Half dead
Terribly nice
Seriously funny
Pretty disgusting
Nearly complete
Ill fortune
Insane logic
Incredibly common
Extended deadline
Fairly accurate
Nothing much
Original copy
Agree to disagree
Almost done
Awefully pretty
Economics-Mathematics related
Simple calculus
Standard deviation
Subjective data
Normal deviation
Lesser/necessary evil
Linear curve
Graduate student
Deficit spending
Economic forecast
Calculated risk
Diminishing growth
Government/bureaucratic efficiency (well, public perception)

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